Why The World Needs Sustainable Irrigation


Efficient agriculture is the most important factor in all aspects of our lives. The steady and reliable supply of food gives us time to progress. Irrigation is one of the most crucial pillars in the world of agriculture because crops require water to maximize their yields and sometimes to have any yield at all. It goes back thousands of years deep into the foundation of human history. However, as civilization evolved and significant technological advancements were made in an endless number of fields, irrigation has more or less remained the same. Or has it?

For the next 35 to 45 years, the global food demand will have to double to meet population growth. Over ninety percent of this demand will need to be harvested from existing land parcels since the agricultural land area cannot be dramatically increased without serious damage to our environment. Over seventy percent will have to come from irrigated fields.

Unfortunately, current irrigation practices simply make it impossible to meet the growing demand because irrigated land is already using over 70% of the global available water. Water is becoming more and more scarce, and unless utilized efficiently, we may very well wave goodbye to the hope of sustainable agriculture that can keep up with the world.

The United Nations estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed countries.

What is the solution?

With advancements in technology, newer, smarter irrigation systems can help reduce the stress on water consumption and provide farmers and cultivators an incredible array of benefits ranging from better yields to reductions in water and fertilizer consumption, ultimately reducing operational costs.

One incredible example of sustainable irrigation methods is our state-of-the-art Gravity Drip Irrigation System, which provides the perfect alternative to flood irrigation techniques.

With a mission of leading the effort of solving the global water shortage crisis and providing growers a precise, cost-efficient, and sustainable solution, N-Drip has revolutionized irrigation norms successfully.

why the world needs sustainable irrigation

N-Drip’s gravity-powered micro-irrigation system, in the field of PepsiCo’s potato grower

The unique system is different from the traditional drip-irrigation mechanisms many may be familiar with. The solution offers efficient irrigation with less than 0.05  bars of pressure by utilizing gravity’s power.  For comparison, a typical drip irrigation system requires about 1.7-2.5 bars.

N-Drip’s distinctive patented design also ensures a smooth flow of water, capable of handling dirt and obstructions with the ability to plug-in existing surface irrigation infrastructure.

N-Drip system allows the grower to achieve much higher yields while saving water & fertilizers.

Those achievements target exactly the mission the world is facing: food shortage and water scarcity.

It’s time for the agriculture sector to welcome a new era of smart, sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient irrigation methods. Find out more about N-Drip here.

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