N-Drip is the first and only micro irrigation solution powered by gravity.

A disruptive technology that provides precise irrigation, N-Drip produces higher yields while saving water, without adding energy or needing water filtration.

N-Drip is the most efficient alternative to flood irrigation that will vastly influence farming globally.

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The world needs an alternative to flood irrigation

The world is running out of water.

Given agriculture consumes 70 percent of global water resources, we must change water use in agriculture to help solve the global water shortage.

Flood irrigation has used the same methodology for the past 5,000 years and still accounts for 85 percent of irrigated water. However, flooding wastes 70 percent of water, lowers yield, causes land and mineral waste, land depletion and water contamination.

This is why farmers, governments and international organizations are actively seeking alternative solutions to flooding.

Professor Uri Shani’s invention

Professor Uri Shani, Israel’s former Water Commissioner and one of the world’s top Water Experts with 40 years of experience with water and irrigation, has developed a ground- breaking Gravity Micro Irrigation System.

The System utilizes existing infrastructure and gravitational force for energy, making irrigation efficient at no additional cost.

This is the breakthrough that can significantly change the global water shortage.

Gravity Micro Irrigation: Helping solve the global water crisis

To date, it has been too expensive for widespread conversion from flood to micro irrigation because of pre-seasonal investments, steep energy costs and water filtration expenses.  That is, until now.

N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation System helps farmers irrigate precisely and efficiently, optimizing yields without requiring expensive pumps or filters.

The System provides an easy-to-install economic solution that uses the field’s existing infrastructure and is powered by gravity. As a result, water flows efficiently using sustainable energy while lowering labor costs and money spent on fertilizers.

Transforming flood irrigation to Gravity Micro Irrigation with N-Drip is simple:

Leveled fields

Uses flood
infrastructure and
field topography.

No pumps

Powered by gravity
(0.06 bar/0.87 psi), no additional energy.

No filters

N-Drip’s proprietary
dripper does not
need filters.


The most affordable solution in the market, ROI within 1 year on avg.