The N-Drip Solution

N-Drip System


The innovative, IP-protected dripper is specifically designed to work with less than 0.06 bar/0.87 psi pressure, highly resistant to dirty water and requires no external energy. Additionally, the unique dripper is 100 percent recyclable.


Every N-Drip system comes with a comprehensive installation manual, created by scientists and agronomists, allowing users to master the system and optimize irrigation.


Our proprietary software is built to provide a tailor-made, optimal Gravity Micro Irrigation plan.



Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci

N-Drip’s installation process

2-3 days
4-5 days
Install(est. for a 10 ha field)
1-2 days

How does it work?

In just 6 simple steps, N-Drip helps farmers transform flood to precise Gravity Micro Irrigation

1. Learn

N-Drip studies field data and topography, soil and crop type, water quality, plant density and growing method to customize the most efficient plan.

2. Plan

N-Drip designs the optimal Gravity Micro Irrigation plan based on field parameters: water sub-main, laterals spread, pressure reducers and more.

3. Install

N-Drip supports the fast and simple installation process that includes spreading laterals and connecting them to the water source.

4. Guide

N-Drip provides a full irrigation management plan to maximize yield, including when & how often to irrigate, fertilize, chlorinate and oxidize.

5. Growth

The farmer observes and enjoys maximized yield potential and a decrease in expenditures.

6. Roll up

N-Drip’s components are easy to transport and recyclable at the end of the season, so the field is ready for the next season.

N-Drip’s benefits

Increasing Profit Better Planet User Friendly
Maximizing Yield Potential

Up to 33% increase in yield

Saves Water

Saves up to 70% of water use and manages water flow

Reduces Fertilizer Use

Ensures efficient use of fertilizers

Energy Saver

Saves up to 70% of energy consumption due to less water usage

Reduces Conversion Costs

Saves up to 75% of the conversion costs vs. alternative systems

Reduces Labor Costs

Less intense labor during the season. Once installed, system operation and maintenance are simple

100% Recyclable

Both Dripper & Lateral are made from the same polymer, enabling complete recycling

Reduces Land Depletion

Eliminates runoff and top-soil erosion and saves on the cost of annual field leveling

A Better Planet

Less chemicals are released to the environment

Protects Soil Fertility

Protects soil fertility due to no runoff

Simple to Install

Easy to operate and monitor seasonal system

Offers Flexibility

Irrigation method easily adapts to changing weather conditions