Frequently Asked Questions

To transform flood irrigation to micro irrigation, a farmer needs to install pumps to produce energy, as well as filters to remove dirt
content that blocks water flow. Both increase operating expenses and
require substantial investments that most farmers cannot afford and for which the return on investment timeframe is prohibitive.

N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation solves these unnecessary expenses, greatly shortening the ROI timetable.

Flood irrigation produces lower yields, causes water waste, overuses fertilizers, creates land & mineral waste, land depletion & water contamination. N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation System provides precise irrigation, which maximizes yield while saving water and other resources.

N-Drip’s system operates with up to 0.87 PSI / 0.06 BAR water pressure, which eliminates the need for a costly pumping station. The system is also resilient to large levels of suspended particles, thus needs no filtration. The result is savings in capital, energy & labor.

N-Drip maximizes the utilization of existing leveled field infrastructure and uses gravitational force for power in order to provide steady and precise micro irrigation.

N-Drip’s patented dripper is uniquely designed to be resilient to a high level of suspended particles, therefore needs no filtration.

N-Drip was designed to utilize existing infrastructure and to operate on gravity power for energy. The result is Gravity Micro Irrigation.

By installing N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation, a farmer:

  1. Saves up to 75 percent of the conversion costs.
  2. Has no additional operating costs such for pumps, energy and filters.
  3. Emits 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).

Yes. N-Drip’s system reduces greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by as much as 83 percent.  Additionally, all of N-Drip’s components are recyclable.

N-Drip Gravity Micro Irrigation stands for New Drip, as we have entered a new era of irrigation, providing an innovative solution that will transform the agricultural industry.

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