About Us

Our Story

N-Drip is a team of professional scientists and agronomists with years of experience in agricultural research and development at large corporations and successful startups.

Our drive is to solve the global water shortage. To do so, we must reduce water use in agriculture by transforming flood irrigation.

For 5,000 years, flood irrigation has relied on the same basic elements and still accounts for 85 percent of the world’s irrigation. It wastes 70 percent of water, lowers yield, causes land and mineral waste, land depletion and water contamination.

Following in-depth research on water and irrigation, we have developed a groundbreaking system that is the ultimate solution to flood irrigation.

We are passionate in leading global change through the irrigation market and make it an efficient and sustainable industry.

We believe if 50 percent of farmers transform their flood irrigation to
N-Drip’s Gravity Micro Irrigation, the global water shortage crisis will be solved.

Our Mission

To lead the effort in solving the global water shortage, by providing the ultimate alternative to flood irrigation, enabling farmers a precise, cost-efficient and sustainable solution through our  Gravity Micro Irrigation System.